Curriculum Vitae

Professional Experience

PhD Candidate
Department of Economics, UC Irvine | 2019 September - present
Graduate Student Researcher (Deep Data Lab)
Department of Economics, UC Irvine | 2021 Spring, 2022 Winter, 2022 Spring
Data Analysis Consultant
EcoMetricx (Irvine) | 2022 February - present


UC, Irvine
PhD Candidate, Economics | 2019 September - present
UC, Irvine
MA, Economics | 2019 September - 2021 May
University of Iowa
BA, Economics and Mathematics | 2017 August - 2019 August
Phi Beta Kappa





Got Milk? An Empirical Study of Milk Consumption Patterns Based on Movers.

(Working in Progress) This paper exploits a natural experiment in the U.S. among households who have moved to another state to study how migration affects dairy and plant-based milk consumption. Using Nielsen Consumer Data to measure outcomes, I find that after moving to a new state, on average, (i) the movers have increased their dairy milk expenditures by 1.2%, whereas the plant-based milk expenditures have decreased by 1.5%; and (ii) the new destination explains about 53% of the differences in dairy milk expenditures and only about 17% for plant-based milk expenditures. These results imply a more considerable convergence for dairy milk expenditures toward the destination state’s average level. In contrast, the plant-based milk expenditures have only slightly converged toward the average level in the households’ new states.